LightsOut Game


This is a variation of the game "Lights Out", marketed by Tiger Toys. It consists of 25 lights, arranged in five rows of five; each light can be either on (red) or off (blue). When you click on a button, it toggles its state, as well as the state of the buttons immediately above it, below it, to its right, and to its left. The purpose of the game is to turn all lit buttons off in the fewest possible moves.
None of the 8 million solvable puzzles requires more than 15 moves (honest).

To get started: The game begins in custom setup mode.
Press "select" (blue button) to generate a random puzzle or
Light up a pattern of lights by clicking on them. Check the status line for important information. then press "start" (second yellow buttom)
to begin play.

SELECT - toggles between custom setup and random play modes.
ON/OFF - clears the board
START - starts play with setup or last game
SOUND - turn sound effects on/off
HELP - tells how many moves it will take from present position

If you achieve LightsOut in any number of moves, you can press HELP
and the game will show you the minimum move solution for that game.
But it will do it quick so you have to pay attention.
You are allowed to press HELP again for replay.
Then press START and try to solve the game yourself.
(Think of this phase as a 2-D "Simon" game.)

Al Geist
Last modified January 18, 1996